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The Carnival of Music is under new management here.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Just what is a blog "carnival"?
  2. Essentially, a collection of links in one blog post to many other blog posts on a related subject. There are carnivals of recipes, of cats, of liberty, of authors' best unnoticed posts, and worst posts. Check out many other carnivals at the Truth Laid Bear's Ueber Carnival Page.

  3. When does the Music Carnival take place?
  4. The Carnival should be posted by no later than 11:00PM US Central time each Monday.

  5. When are submissions due?
  6. Please try to submit all entries no later than noon on the Friday immediately preceding the Carnival you wish to participate in.

  7. What should my post be about?
  8. Anything having to do with music. The Carnival of Music is a celebration of all things musical - listening to or playing it, writing or recording it, analyzing or criticizing it. Music history, music theory, and composition are all welcome and encouraged in featured entries. I will not limit genres; classical, jazz, pop, rock, rap, country -- all are welcome here.

  9. Is there any limit to how many times I can submit?
  10. No. Feel free to submit for multiple carnivals. It will be up to the host each week to determine whether your submission is acceptable.

  11. Is there any limit to how many posts I can submit for a single Carnival?
  12. Again, no. Although the host for the week may refuse any or all posts, if he or she feels they are not appropriate within the guidelines stated above.

  13. Where do I send a submission?
  14. Send your submissions to music.carnival@gmail.com. Please note that this address is different from the one for the first four carnivals.

  15. What does it take to host?
  16. Not much, really. You need a blog, and you need to know how to copy links into a blog post. That's it as far as technical skill. Anything you add in the way of original content is just gravy (or ornamentation!) Ideally, you will receive a listing of submitted posts for inclusion in that week's carnival sometime between the Friday submission deadline and the Monday before the Carnival is due for posting. If there are not enough voluntary posts, you may either pass on hosting, or create your own carnival highlighting the worthy musical blog posts that you have discovered in your surfing.

  17. Where do I volunteer to host?
  18. At the same address as for submissions. Please specify the week (or Carnival number) that you would like to host.

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