February 16, 2004

More Poetic Spam

I got this from a spammer selling "generic" Cialis.

Looks like something Jim Morrison would have written, had he survived the sixties and gone into advertising:

Now and then, mastadon over tea party
Give secret financial aid to ribbon behind.
Sometimes around hand laughs out loud,
But living with graduated cylinder
Always know tripod behind!
Gonad for jersey cow laugh and drink all night
With traffic light from tape recorder,
Or prime minister about secretly admire around debutante.
Particle accelerator around impresario meditates,
Because fairy related to organize power drill beyond stovepipe.
When bullfrog for lunatic ruminates, behind toothpick panics.
A few bonbons, and wheelbarrow living with gonad
To arrive at a state of mastadon.
Most tea parties believe that over pickup truck
Conquer mortician behind.

Posted by JohnL at February 16, 2004 09:07 PM
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