May 02, 2004

12 Questions (and Answers)

Via Snooze Button Dreams, I came across some random questions from Ted's daughter, Mookie.

Here are the questions restated with my answers:

1. Middle Name?
2. Favorite Animal?
My new dog, Jake
3. If you were to go on a deserted island for 10 years, and you could take 1 person and 3 items, what would you take?
Person: My wife: tough, resourceful, smart, and gorgeous too!
Items: Versatile knife, mess kit, stocked tackle box

4. What’s your favorite food?
Steak, medium rare (sirloin or ribeye)
5. Who’s your favorite band?
6. Who’s your favorite person?
My wife
7. How old are you?
8. Where do you live?
Plano, Texas
9. What’s your favorite type of Ice Cream?
Blue Bell's Tin Roof
10. What’s your favorite family tradition?
Christmas morning treasure hunt for baby Jesus (my wife and I kidnap him from our nativity scene and hide him, leaving a series of written clues to lead the kids to him)
11. Do you have a job? If so where?
Yes; in-house lawyer at a nearby telecom company
12. What’s your dream car?
Acura RSX-S or TSX, in either case 6-speed manual (i.e., a souped-up version of my current car, a Honda Accord)

Posted by JohnL at May 2, 2004 11:25 PM
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