May 20, 2004


I've enjoyed taking my new dog on nightly walks. The neighborhood is even prettier and more peaceful than usual. A chorus of thousands of toads is raising its voice from the creek. Birds are settling down for the night. Venus and a few stars peek through the veil of dusk.

The moon was one of my regular walking companions for the first couple of weeks that we had Jake. But it disappeared a couple of weeks ago, coming out later and later. Tonight, it reappeared, low in the West -- a waxing crescent. Reflected Earthlight illuminated the night-side of the moon.

One of my favorite sights, and one that is evocatively captured in the lyrics of the Rush song Earthshine.

(Lyrics in extended entry).


On certain nights
When the angles are right
And the moon is a slender crescent,

Its circle shows
In a ghostly glow
Of earthly luminescence.

Earthshine --
A beacon in the night
I can raise my eyes to

Earthshine --
A jewel out of reach
Form a dream to rise to

Floating high
In the evening sky
I see my faint reflection.

Pale facsimile
Like what others see
When they look in my direction.

Earthshine --
Stretching out your hand
Full of starlit diamonds

Reflected light
To another's sight
And the moon tells a lover's story.

My borrowed face
And my third-hand grace
Only reflect your glory.

You're still out of reach
Form a dream to rise to
Earthshine .

Posted by JohnL at May 20, 2004 09:52 PM
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