May 20, 2004

Shame, Shame, Shame. . .

I meant to blog on this a couple of weeks ago, when the LlamaButchers first pointed me to it.

Things I'm not ashamed to admit, but probably should be:


From a dating book I have: the definition of Romantic when listed in the personals-Owns extensive Barry Manilow collection.

Posted by: JB at May 22, 2004 08:51 AM

all right, you shamed me into it. Talk isn't in the cd jukebox, so last night i popped it into one of the empty slots and relistened. still can't say i like it as much as the rest, though i do like it better than Union. my #1 son is a prog rock fan, so it was a nice variation for him. after that we put on the first half of Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, which he also hadn't heard before.

by the way, anyone with fast internet access should frequent for excellent prog rock internet radio.

Posted by: chris at May 22, 2004 09:49 AM
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