October 04, 2004

X-Prize Attempt 2

While I would love to liveblog this morning's attempt to win the Ansari X-Prize, I'm not getting a very good connection to the stream at work this morning, and in any case have too much work to spend the morning watching and blogging. You can get the video stream here.

Best wishes to all involved for a safe flight.

Update 0946 CDT (yeah, I know I'm not liveblogging): Brian Binnie is the pilot for today's attempt.

Update 0950 CDT: Separation! . . . Rocket firing . . .

Update 0951CDT: Engine burnout. No rolls like last time.

Update 0955CDT: Looks like they won! Unofficially 368,000 feet.

Update 1007CDT: SpaceShipOne should be landing in less than 5 minutes. Rand Simberg has been liveblogging this morning, and is sure to have good follow-up and commentary.

Update 1013CDT: Safe landing! Welcome to the era of commercial space flight!

Update 1021CDT: Rand Simberg earlier pointed out the other space-related historical significance of this date.

Posted by JohnL at October 4, 2004 09:23 AM
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