November 02, 2004

Election Coverage

As usual, Glenn and his guest bloggers are masters of the links today (and I'm not talking golf).

Steve the Llamabutcher is liveblogging all day long (seriously, he started last night after midnight). Check out his excellent visual aids.

Stephen Green, while uncharacteristically sober (hey, it's still early), notes good news in the last Rasmussen tracking poll results and is posting regular updates.

Ace promises to liveblog tonight, but is posting at his usual pace in the meantime.

I await with bated breath Martha Stewart's take on the election, as channeled by Jeff Goldstein.

Wizbang is keeping an open "breaking news" thread, so check back there throughout the day.

I won't be duplicating the efforts of the above worthy bloggers. But depending on how the election returns are playing, I may try to get something apolitical posted tonight. No promises, though.

Update: Ask and ye shall receive. Goldstein delivers the goods: Martha Stewart Chronicles, Day 27 and a hilarious interview with Vietnam John Kerry.

Posted by JohnL at November 2, 2004 10:48 AM
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