December 06, 2004

Christmas Lighting Tips

Like Michele (and unlike Reactionary Scrooge Robert), I like adding some color to my Christmas light displays:

Christmas Lights 2.jpg

I finally settled on this format last year, when I measured the lengths of the sidewalk borders, went to the local Elliott's Hardware store, and cut a custom length of C-9 socket cord. I then got a few boxes of red, green, and white C-9 bulbs, some sturdy metal stakes, and a few hours of labor later, my sidewalks were done. This year, it took about 2 hours to do everything -- the Yaupon trees are strung with basic small mixed lights (white and red or red and green) and I have everything run to switched outlets, so I can turn them on or off with the flick of a switch in the house.

I like Rob, so I think I'll get him a really nice Christmas present this year. What do you think about this? Maybe this, too?

Posted by JohnL at December 6, 2004 09:19 PM

Big thumbs up for the inflatable christmas pooh.

Posted by: Owlish at December 7, 2004 12:31 AM
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