December 07, 2004

SF Babes Poll (Star Trek TOS: Earth's Past)

I have to apologize that these polls have turned into something of a Star Trek dorkle-jerk, but I'm running out of original ideas (I can mine Star Trek for many weeks to come, so if you have a different SF movie or series that you would like to see featured, please let me know!)

In any case, I rather like both candidates in this week's contest. These women were extras playing the roles of women in Earth's past. Both went on to greater fame.

First up is Edith Keeler, from City on the Edge of Forever, a Harlan Ellison-penned episode. Portrayed by the beautiful and youthful Joan Collins:

Our second candidate, from the failed spin-off pilot Assignment: Earth, is Roberta Lincoln as portrayed by the quirky and cute Teri Garr:


Results (Posted 14 December 2004):


Posted by JohnL at December 7, 2004 11:06 PM

You haven't done anything yet with Babylon 5 -- some good choices there: Lyta, Susan, Delenn, Talia, Lise. Fewer options at Stargate, where Samantha has pretty much the run of the place, since all the decent female supporting characters keep getting killed off. But some are worth consideration.

Posted by: Robin at December 10, 2004 12:04 AM
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