December 28, 2004

SF Babe Poll (Buck Rogers Guest Stars)

I'm loving my new Christmas present. Cheesy plots, a lot of bad writing, and silly acting, but extremely entertaining nevertheless. My kids have been enjoying it, too (especially my eight-year-old son). One thing that's been really fun for me is to identify the various guest stars who appeared -- Jack Palance and Roddy McDowall, among others.

An early episode featured the lovely Markie Post in one of the first appearances of her career, which led me to go searching through IMDB for other recognizable guest stars. Then I popped the DVDs in for some fresh screen caps and -- voila! A new poll for this week (click the thumbs for a full-size image of each candidate):

First up, the aforementioned Markie Post portraying Joella Cameron, in "The Plot to Kill a City," episodes 1.6 and 1.7:

Next, a young Jamie Lee Curtis portraying Jen Burton in "Unchained Woman," episode 1.9:

Finally, a more mature candidate, the original Catwoman Julie Newmar portraying the dangerously seductive Zarina in "Flight of the War Witch," episodes 1.23 and 1.24:

Enjoy! (As always check out the Gallery for previous winners, including last week's).

Results (Posted 4 January 2005):

Joella (Markie Post) 25 votes (69%) WINNER
Jen Burton (Jamie Lee Curtis) 7 votes (19%)
Zarina (Julie Newmar) 4 votes (11%)

36 votes total

Posted by JohnL at December 28, 2004 09:32 PM
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