January 01, 2005

Hook 'Em, Horns!

Now THAT was a football game!

Awesome Rose Bowl. Texas beats Michigan, 38-37 on a last-second field goal.

I wonder how many of the other BCS games will come close to being as entertaining as this one was.

Posted by JohnL at January 1, 2005 07:51 PM

That was about perfect, Texas behind by 10 at about 12 minutes left to go, some back and forth, last minute win. Can't get any better unless I went to UT.

Posted by: owlish at January 2, 2005 11:42 AM

What a fantastic game! I'm not a big fan of either school (and have been dubious of Mack Brown since his UNC days)---but what a great example of college football. I don't know how USC-OK will be able to compare...

Posted by: bubbster at January 2, 2005 12:57 PM

Woo-Hoo! Hook 'em, Horns! And what better companion to a last-minute, come-from-behind win by Texas than to see the Aggies get crushed in the Cotton Bowl? For a fan of Lone Star State football with the right sensibilities, life is sweet.

Posted by: Robert the Llama Butcher at January 2, 2005 02:00 PM

While I bleed burnt orange, I was sad to see the Ags lose to Tennessee, which has the temerity to call itself the "real" UT. It would have been nice to see a Texas sweep of the bowls (I'm not a Tech fan, but I was really happy to see them put it to the overrated California Golden Bears).

Now I'm conflicted -- while an OU win in the Orange Bowl would be good for the Big 12, I simply loathe the Sooners.

Posted by: JohnL at January 2, 2005 02:17 PM

It cost me working Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's Eve in order to be off to watch it... but was it ever worth it.

Since I went to Tech and The University, it's been a great bowl season- though I was sad for the Ags; I always pull for the Big 12. Yeah, that means I'll be for the (gag) Sooners, if only 'cause it makes UT look better.

Posted by: Jack Grey at January 3, 2005 03:33 AM

Thank God I'm a Buckeye.

Posted by: Bob Hawkins at January 3, 2005 09:04 PM

sooners ya you guys suck go SOONERS boomer......sooners

Posted by: yo daddy at January 20, 2005 07:18 PM



Posted by: Eric Dyer at April 15, 2005 09:17 PM
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