January 13, 2005

TBG 2004 Condensed Version

Here's a meme that's infected Munuviana big time (I traced it back to here). Simply list the first line from the first post of each month of 2004. I'm introducing a mutation here, since some of these make no sense unless the post title is included. Titles in italics, first sentences plaintext:

January: Happy New Year - I have been enjoying time off with my family*.

February: Just Say No - Strategy Page has a video demonstrating the effects of LSD on British troops in a test that appears to have been conducted in the early 1960s.*

March: Sad News - Lawyer, historian, and former librarian of Congress Daniel Boorstin passed away on Sunday at the age of 89 from pneumonia. *

April: Ia! Ia! Sanrio Fhtagn! - Hello Cthulu, via Ambient Irony. *

May: Bob Moog Documentary - Here's a DVD I'll be looking forward to later this year. *

June: Sleestak Art - I loved the old (70s) Land of the Lost show. *

July: Life's Highway - I've recently gotten off the highway (from Breckenridge, Colorado to Plano, Texas) so I think it appropriate to kick off blogging again with this puzzling little diversion found at the Llama Butchers: *

August: My Ten Books - Got this idea from Chan, who read about it at normblog. *

September: I'm a Liberal Democrat. . . -. . . In Australia, that is, according to this quiz. *

October: Debate Wrapup - Lileks is on fire this morning. *

November: Endorsement and Prediction - For what it's worth, I am endorsing President Bush and the Republican Party this year. *

December: Awful Cosmetic Makeover - Via Naked Villainy, a frightening picture of Paris Hilton at The Mirthful Ones. *

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