April 04, 2005

In Prog We Trust

Via Gravity Lens, a great article in The Grauniad about the dinosaurs that everyone loves (or at least loved) to hate: prog rockers.

I used to be very heavily into Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes (in all its sundry incarnations), Genesis (especially the obscure early stuff), the Moody Blues, and early King Crimson. I credit prog (especially and almost exclusively Emerson Lake and Palmer) with stimulating in me a deep appreciation for both classical and jazz music. I first learned of Bartok, Ginastera, Copland, and Janacek from Keith Emerson's arrangements of their pieces.

If you like progressive rock or want to sample some, there is a cool web radio station named Aural Moon. You can pick up a stream at their site, and they are listed under the Radio section of iTunes, too.

Posted by JohnL at April 4, 2005 10:45 PM

You can also try www.thedividingline.com as well, or go to the websites for Spock's Beard or Dream Theater and browse the message boards.

They often discuss bands from Europe, and turned us on to such groups as Ayreon (high cheese factor, but when it's good, it's very good— such as the latest album, Human Equation) and Lacuna Coil (which is what Evanescence could be if it tried.)

Mmmm. Tasty prog goodness.

Posted by: B. Durbin at April 7, 2005 08:11 PM
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