April 19, 2005

SF Babes Weekly Poll (The Stepford Wives)

This week's poll visits a classic semi-SF movie from 30 years ago, The Stepford Wives. Watching this movie with my wife, we couldn't help commenting on how ugly the mid-70s were. However, our candidates this week are anything but ugly:

First up is Katharine Ross, playing the housewife/photographer Joanne Eberhart, who misses the sounds of the big city and discovers the deadly secret of Stepford Village too late:

Next up is Texan Paula Prentiss, who portrays the outspoken Bobbie Markowe ("upwardly mobile for Markowitz"):

Finally, everyone's favorite castaway Tina Louise plays the frustrated housewife Charmaine Wimperis:


Results (posted 26 April 2005):

Joanne 21 of 58 votes for 36%
Bobbie 12 of 58 votes for 21%
Charmaine 25 of 58 votes for 43% -- WINNER!

Posted by JohnL at April 19, 2005 11:10 PM
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