May 04, 2005

SF Babes Poll Quote-of-the-Month

I get a few regular commenters, whose input I really value (please keep it up, folks!). But I really love getting comments from readers I didn't even know I have (ahem), and "BadLiberal" left this great gem in the comments of last week's SF Babe Poll pitting Lt. Marlena Moreau against Lt. Marla McGivers:

You've gotta be f'-in kidding.

One [sic] the one hand we have a woman who's slept her way to the top while incinerating entire planets, and on the other we have a woman who gets all googly eyed over fine Corinthian leather.

Lt. Moreau walks away with this one. Probably after leaving McGivers at the bottom of a convenient river.

Very nice generational joke there about "fine Corinthian leather" -- most people much younger than I wouldn't catch the reference. I couldn't have agreed more with the other sentiments and was quite pleased with the outcome of the poll. (And for what it's worth, note well that I included McGivers at the request of another so-far-one-time commenter, "Ishy.")

A neat thing that's showing up in some of the polls is how the personality attributes of the characters influence certain voters more than just surface appearances. That's how I usually vote and also why I try to make the poll pics purely of the characters "in character." The Gallery is where I sometimes feature more flattering pictures of the actresses "out of character."

Posted by JohnL at May 4, 2005 09:43 PM

No great surprise. Yet another one of the polls where you were obviously wrong.

McGivers was hot; I admire beautiful women who dig the superior intellect. The ability to incinerate planets is common in the sci-fi realm, but nobody on the Death Star made my lightsaber glow.

If ya know what I mean.

Posted by: Gunner at May 4, 2005 11:39 PM

IIRC, McGivers (nice looking, for a redhead) was attracted to more than just the superior intellect; she was hungry for power, too, and the will to power. She was taken in by the whole Nietzschean Uebermensch eugenics ethos of Khan and his sidekicks. I didn't leave much of a light-side/dark-side choice to my readers in that particular poll...

Normally, I like "good" characters, but sometimes the villainesses just have more fun with their parts and make their characters more appealing.

Posted by: JohnL at May 5, 2005 08:30 AM

OK, here is my second post for you.

Lt. Mcgivers has captured my imagination since I first saw the episode when I was about 10. I guess we share an attraction to history. Although for Lt. McGivers, it was much more... personal. I liked her because she was so much more of a developed character than Yeoman Rand. Personality wise, of course, but she did look good in the uniform. (nudge nudge, say no more)

I returned after reading your post over at the Llamabutchers. I thought I was the only fan of Rush's "Time Stand Still." Great tune.

I enjoy the site. Keep up the good work. I aprecaite your consideration of a first time poster.

Posted by: Ishy at May 14, 2005 06:19 PM
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