May 18, 2005

Chaos on the Home Front

You may have noticed a lack of regular posting around here recently. Or not.

The reason?

We are listing our house for sale tomorrow. We have our eyes on another house in the neighborhood with more space for the family and are currently negotiating the purchase contract. The larger house has been on the market for about 6 months, and we have been making some final updates to our house during the same period of time and praying that the other one will come down in price. (It has finally come down to the range of price-per-square-foot that is appropriate for our area).

The work around here has really peaked, with me replacing our deck and staining it this past weekend, landscaping during lunch hours, re-sheetrocking the hole in our garage wall where the previous owners had driven their car, and generally making the house sale-ready. (We need to sell to afford the larger house).

So I'm not making any promises about posting regularly anytime soon.

I do promise to update if anything exciting happens regarding the buying/selling.

Posted by JohnL at May 18, 2005 11:17 PM

Having just been through that myself, you have my total and complete sympathy. Best of luck! *keeping my fingers crossed*

Posted by: RP at May 19, 2005 08:36 AM

Good luck!

Posted by: Kathy at May 19, 2005 11:29 PM

By the way, I do have a pickup, so if you could use a hand, let me know.

Posted by: owlish at May 20, 2005 08:15 AM
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