September 18, 2005

Gratuitous Domestic Blogging

WARNING! Rampant narcissistic self-blogging ahead! Proceed with caution or skip altogether.

The work week can't start soon enough.

I can't even remember what we did yesterday we've been so busy. And that was with one kid out of town with the Boy Scouts.

Today started at 8:00AM with getting the other two kiddoes ready for church. Sunday school at 9:45 and church at 11:00. Second son received his third grade bible from the church. Made it to the neighborhood pool at noon to learn how to clean the pool and operate the pumps. Straight from there to a two-hour soccer practice in the 100 degree heat. Home to mow the lawn, change the air conditioning filter in the attic, and adjust the sprinkler heads. Dinner, then bed for the kids. And now, at 9:38, my first break of the day. But I have to take the dog for a quick walk before the rerun of Friday's Battlestar Galactica comes on at 10:00.

I am beat.

Update: Oops. BSG isn't on until tomorrow. Tonight was South Park.

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