February 01, 2006

Gamers Gone Wild

This video would have cut a little too close to home for me about 20 years ago.

What cruel videos will they be making about bloggers 20 years from now???

(Via The Llamabutchers).

Posted by JohnL at February 1, 2006 11:51 PM | TrackBack

Actually that hits home right now, I am going this weekend to a big gaming convention at Rice U.
Of course, I mannaged to be a geek and still get girls. Actually I have advice to any young man who
wants chicke. Get involved in Community Theater. You have to put up with the flakiest chics of all, but they are also usualy nymphos, and most of the guys are gay so there is little competition.

Posted by: Kyle N at February 7, 2006 05:08 AM

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Posted by: ymjbf at February 24, 2010 12:55 PM
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