September 12, 2006

Trendsetting SF Babe Blogger

That's me. Geeze. On the whole SF Babe thing, I've been WAY ahead of the curve.

First, everyone seems to be noticing fellow Planoite Anousheh Ansari now that she's going into orbit and has her own blog. Me? I noticed her two years ago and even named her an honorary SF babe for helping fund the X-Prize.

Female Stormtrooper costumes? Again, on the absolute bleeding edge.

That makes me think I need to revive the whole SF Babe Poll thing again, to stay on the cutting edge. I know I need to re-run the Firefly poll, since I didn't include "Our Mrs. Reynolds" (Saffron) the first time around. Any other suggestions?

Posted by JohnL at September 12, 2006 10:11 PM | TrackBack

it seems there are some babes that need to be represented here. where are the hotties from the "V" series? Diana (Jane Badler) Lydia (June Chadwick) Julie, and need to include these in your voting.

Posted by: yvonne at December 15, 2006 09:50 PM
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