February 27, 2007

Old Crap

From my English journal, circa October 1982:

Writer's Block

This is not the first time this year. Oh yes, I've had plenty of writer's block.

I have ideas, but I just can't put them down on paper.

So what do I do? I sit ... and think ... I look around ... look at recent happenings ... it usually does no good.

Other times I'll write anything in my mind down onto a piece of scratch paper and see what I can do with them.

So what happens when none of these work? I lay [sic] down and read, stand on my head, go jogging, or even ... watch TV.

All of these have been proven to work as some earlier journal topics of mine were inspired by one of these methods.

Now, the ultimate disaster ... none of these methods work [sic]. What do I do? I write about it. Gosh, I didn't know I could write so much about such an off-the-wall topic, but there it is, no more writer's block.

I was already quite the blogger a quarter of a century ago.

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