May 29, 2007

Drawing on the Right Side

(Reposted from 2006...)

Mind mapping. More mind mapping. The connection between prime numbers and quantum physics. Taking notes. I'll need a bigger memory card. The Moleskine notebook. Is this the world's best pencil? The what? How about perpetual notebooks instead? Books, books, books, how to store all my books.

Think people spend a lot of time reading the prose that we put up on these websites? Think again!

Rambling through the future. Pivot graphs.

Carnivorous plants. Why carnivorous plants? Why not carnivorous plants!

Addendums: Waxing poetic about the Levenger Circa Notebook system (October 26, 2006). Roll your own graph paper! Hexes! Squares! Grids of all kinds! (October 27, 2006). Modifying Moleskine's and altering books. A compact calendar.

Posted by Fred Kiesche at May 29, 2007 11:46 AM
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