June 29, 2005

Carnivals to the Left of Me, Carnivals to the Right...

Left behind the bars, rows of Bishops' heads in jars
and a bomb inside a car
Spectacular! Spectacular!

- From "Karn Evil 9, First Impression Part One," by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

First up - Carnival of Music #5 will be taking place at And What Next on July 4th (or 5th).

---> Send your musical submissions to our new gmail dropbox: music.carnival@gmail.com.

(Thanks, Ted, for the gmail invite!) Remember also to check out Carnival of Music #4 at Owlish's place (you might need to scroll down, since his permalinks are bloggered up right now), and review the paleo-proto-musico-carnivals at the archive page.

Next, the first Carnival of Liberty will be taking place at The Unrepentant Individual on or around July 4. This is like the debutante ball for the newest unruly group I've joined: Life, Liberty, and Property. So send your liberty-themed submissions to carnivalofliberty@gmail.com.

Posted by JohnL at June 29, 2005 10:44 PM
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