August 25, 2005

Wise Protein

Has anyone (other than Stephen Green) noticed that Jeff Goldstein has been on frakkin' fire recently?

He had a brief existential crisis a few months ago, but his writing over the past few months has really sharpened, becoming even more insightful and provocative.

Take these excerpts, for example:

Yesterday, to my horror, I watched as Bill O’Reilly argued what is increasingly the standard populist postition that the government needs to get involved in policing “self-destructive” behavior, if only to save “the taxpayer” down the road from the (largely illusory) set of epidemics professional nannystatists, disguised as concerned scientists, are always warning against. O’Reilly cited such behavior as over-eating (leading to obesity) and drug use (leading to addiction)—though to be fair, he was careful to point out that he wasn’t so concerned with curbing personal freedoms per se as he was with having to pay for the longterm effects of not having curbed them in some way, a distinction with a (minor) difference.

- 25 August 2005


Me, I’m willing to make the following offer: I will accept as valid the chickenhawk argument from any person who agrees to support a Constitutional Amendment making military service a prerequisite for all who presume to shape foreign policy, up to and including the President, members of both the House and Senate, and all Federal Court justices. Either that, or from those who push to pass a Constitutional Amendment disbanding the military, which makes the question moot.

Short of that, I’d ask you to save your anti-democratic impulses for, say, campus speech codes or social engineering programs driven by the idea of proportionality—and allow the grownups to make the difficult choices that arise in the course of protecting the interests of our nation. Please.

- 22 August 2005

All while remaining reliably surreal and funny.

Will someone give this man a book deal already? Or at least an opinion column at the New York Times?

Posted by JohnL at August 25, 2005 09:54 PM | TrackBack

Goldstein is one of the very best in blogging, if you ask me. He can manage off-the-wall insanity and eloquent reasoning better than I can manage hot and cold water faucets.

Posted by: Gunner at August 25, 2005 11:03 PM

I agree, he has been quite good. Wordy, maybe, but good. And he's been doing more political stuff than humor recently.

Posted by: owlish at August 26, 2005 10:10 AM
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