March 21, 2006

Cool Juggling Routine

Check out this very cool video making the rounds on the Internet in which comedian Chris Bliss closes his routine juggling to the strains of the Beatles' "The End" (one of my favorite Beatles songs):

Here's the story behind the routine.

Some excerpts to whet your appetite:

First I discover my art, and now I have found my soulmate. Could the signs be any clearer? Oh, sure, a more objective view might be that I'd dropped out of college to be a juggler, and been picked up by a crazy woman in a bar. On dimer night.
Within six months the band broke up. I should've seen it coming the night the flute player asked me to help tie him off. If the woodwinds are shooting smack, you can imagine the bass player's problems.
The only part of the whole ride not based in delusion was, of all things, my juggling. It turned out I'd stumbled onto a concert promoter's dream opening act. No set-up or sound check, and if they threw things at the stage, I'd catch them.

I worked with Kenny Loggins, Duran Duran a couple times. I opened for Clapton once. I did an arena tour with the so-called supergroup Asia.

I was even on the Midnight Special on NBC - remember that show, with Wolfman Jack? I still remember the Wolfman's intro - "Whoever said a picture was worth a thousand words was talking about Chris y'know."

And then in 1984, unbelievably, I was asked to be the opening act for Michael Jackson and his brothers on the Victory Tour, the most hyped tour of the decade.

Between me and Michael, we sold over 3 million tickets. And when it was over, I'd actually become the world's most famous juggler.

Funny guy. And I like the musicality of his juggling.

Posted by JohnL at March 21, 2006 09:10 PM | TrackBack

That was astonishingly beautiful. Thank you so much for putting that up, my friend.

Posted by: RP at March 23, 2006 08:28 AM

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